Dragon/Italeri Kits combined with superdetailing

I always had a thing for the Bergepanther. This time I used the Dragon Ausf A kit with elements of the Italeri Bergepanther kit. The only items from the Italeri kit were the superstructure, spade and some parts of the crane. The interior was completely rebuilt, with VP transmission, scratchbuilt torsion bars, seats, instruments, floor, and bulkheads. I did use the Italeri winch, but only as a base for superdetailing, adding the front flywheel assembly, new cable reels with cable from TMD (the green stuff), and other scratched parts. I also scratchbuilt the wooden beam from layers of Evergreen and the canvas cover from brass and lead foil. To the Dragon hull I added Cavalier zimmerit from their "generic" pattern set. I also had the Eduard PE set for the BP, but used very little of it, mainly on the interior parts and gun, as it was unsuited for the Dragon kit. Lion Roar's marvelous PE set for the Dragon kit provided engine grills, tool racks, exhaust supports, and other small items. I detailed the spade with weld beads and torch cut marks, and rebuilt the crane supports from brass rod, adding a pulley set from TMD. Moskit exhaust pipes and a Jordi Rubio barrel for the 2cm cannon completed the model. The running gear is straight Dragon, but I did use some Friul spares for the stowed tracks. The gear came from a variety of sources. The model is finished in acrylics and oils as Bergepanther in the Normandy area in late 1944, although it carries no markings, which was fairly common for engineering vehicles. I always like to add a little color, hence the "civilian" pulley assembly in red. I added mud made from acrylic gel medium mixed with MMP's acrylic powders.

This model now resides in a private collection.